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Power conditioners should do only one thing and that is to simply eliminate noise without removing dynamics and tonal color. Nearly all currently available power line conditioners on the market fail miserably to accomplish this seemingly simple task.  Following in the footsteps of such monumental successes such as the Innamorata amplifier and the Majestic integrated amplifier as well as the standard setting Headtrip headphone amplifier comes the "Looking Glass" series of power line conditioners. The "Looking Glass" conditioners following our philosophy of "simplicity in design but meticulous in execution" is passive in design. This eliminates the dynamics robbing of regenerative conditioners.

What the Looking Glass brought to my system was greater overall natural timbre and tone to the music. A highly detailed soundstage and naturally correct images. This is one product that is really going to break my heart to return.
— Francisco Duran, Positive Feedback

At the heart of our conditioners we use a circuit developed by John Curl and Jack Bybee as it's main filtering technology. This circuit employs a series of filtering caps and also contains a "gas module" that breaks the circuit when it senses an overcurrent condition. Once the condition has passed the gas within the module reforms and once again becomes conductive allowing the conditioner to once again function normally. The specially designed outlets have phosphor bronze contacts (the best sounding material for audio contacts), all wiring is sourced directly from the wire manufacturer and is proprietary. Wire insulation is teflon.

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In the Reference we go even further with the installation of a Bybee Module and employment of exclusive OEM Bybee Crystal technology as well as a Furatech IEC. All conductive components receive cryogenic treatment and arguably the best capacitors in the world are used for the bypass caps. . The "Looking Glass" power line conditioners will improve the sound of your system dramatically. Dynamics will be explosive, the soundstage the largest, separation the greatest and bass the most prodigious you have ever experienced through your system. Don't take our word for it, ask for a demonstration today!

The "Looking Glass Reference".

The "Looking Glass Reference".

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