Meet the Milo 

$1,699.00 USD

[...] the Milo attempts to capture much of the sound of Wells’ excellent upper-middle-tier Enigma amp, but at a much lower price point. We predict the relatively affordable Milo will be an instant winner when it arrives in full production form.
— Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, March 2016

Technical Specs

  • Output Power-18 watts rms into 8 ohms at 1kHz with no more than .015% THD-12 watts rms into 32 ohms @ .006% THD-10 watts @46 ohms @.005% THD
  • Frequency Response-+/- 0.25 db from 16Hz to 30kHz
  • Signal To Noise Ratio- -94db at full power
  • Input Sensitivity-0.72mV RMS
  • Gain-30db (12db attenuator available, see below)
  • Input Impedance-17k ohms
  • Output Impedance-0.1 ohms
  • Damping Factor-80, reference 8 ohms nominal
  • Power Consumption-42 watts @ idle, 145 watts @ maximum power
  • Inputs- 1 pair RCAs, 1 pair XLRs optional (add $200.00)
  • Outputs- 1 x 4 pin stereo balanced connector, 1 1/4"stereo plug
  • Operating  Voltage-120 volt, 230 volt at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Shipping Dimensions-16" x 12" x 12"
  • Shipping Weight-10 lbs.
  • Dimensions-8"w x 7.5"d x 9.75"h

 The Milo can also be ordered with a premium Khozmo stepped attenuator for an additional $400.00. For an additional $150.00 a pair of Vishay "Naked Z Foil" series resistors can be added to the Khozmo. After communicating with Khozmo we are able to order the Khozmo stepped attenuators with a new more aggressive logrithmic taper that allows for less gain at the beginning. This has allowed us to offer the Milo without the restraint of an added attenuation circuit when purchasing the Milo with a Khozmo attenuator.


Beginning October 1, 2017 the Milo will be available in a Reference version. Building upon the remarkable performance of the basic Milo the Milo Reference will contain the Khozmo attenuator with Vishay series resistors, new modified very high performance PCBs (images seen below) which will feature cryo treated traces, nearly two dozen Vishay "naked Z foil" resistors in the signal path and a Rike copper foil-polypropylene capacitor in the signal path between the input and output stages. a new Bybee Tech "mini AC purifier" has recently been developed which allows for placement within the tight confines of the Milo allowing for an even lower noise floor than the basic Milo sports.   To round out the improvements a Furutech gold IEC will be installed. Price for the Milo Reference is $5000.00. Current owners of Milos, as is our policy, can send their units in for upgrade to the Reference level. Cost of the upgrade is $3300.00 for a basic Milo and  $2750.00 for the Khozmo equipped Milo.


New Milo Reference PCBs



Vishay resistors.jpg

Pictured above are the Reference PCBs with Vishay resistors (brown square wafer components with white writing) and a Rike copper foil-polypropylene capacitor between the input and output sections in the circuit.




Before I reviewed the JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 ($5,495) earlier this year, designer Joe Skubinski arranged for me to borrow the massive Wells Audio Headtrip amplifier ($6999) to drive his power-hungry headphones during the evaluation. After a short introductory phone call with Jeff Wells, the Headtrip arrived promptly at my doorstep and I was immediately taken by the sound. It seemed that no matter what headphone I plugged into the massive Wells amplifier, they would absolutely light up and sound better than I ever thought they could. With planar magnetic designs especially, the Headtrip was an absolute synergy master.

In the weeks following the review I attended CanJam SoCal 2016, where I was able to meet Jeff Wells in person and have a listen to the prototype of his new amplifier, the Wells Audio Milo ($1699). I was shocked by what I heard. The Milo was somehow able to capture about 95 percent of the flagship Headtrip's magical sound at less than a quarter of the price. I asked Jeff how this was possible. More....

(Gary Alan

The first time I saw the Wells Audio Milo Headphone Amplifier, I was immediately struck by its unusual appearance. Part Art Deco Industrial, part High-Tech Modern it has an unconventional beauty all its own. And the beauty is not just skin deep. More....

(Gary Alan Barker-Headphone.Guru)

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to review the Wells Audio Milo Headphone Amplifier and I am not afraid to admit that I was very impressed. It stands tall among the very few solid state headphone amps that I truly enjoy listening to (despite the fact that my reference amplifier is solid state I am at heart a tube man, it is hard to match the resolution and musicality of tubes using transistors, but a well designed solid state amplifier can produce magic all its own and the Milo is one such amplifier). More....


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