Before getting down to the business of this review, a brief personal note. Over the last couple of years health issues have made me mostly inactive on Enjoy the I thank Steven R. Rochlin for his encouragement; and my fellow classical music writers for carrying the load during those difficult times. Nothing is better for restarting a writer than having an inspiring topic and the Innamorata amplifier has been just that inspirational topic for me.

A little historical background: Jeff Wells has for years been the owner of the Campbell, California retail store Audible Arts, and during my residence in the San Francisco Bay area we did a lot of critical listening together. After my move to Chicago in 2005 we’ve stayed in touch. In 2011 Jeff started telling me about the new amplifier he was developing, which he regarded as the overall best-sounding power amp he had ever worked with. Even making allowances for proprietary enthusiasm, I felt that this must be an amplifier worth investigating. After all, years ago it had been Jeff's enthusiasm for the Greek-made Analysis planar-ribbon loudspeakers that led me into my continuing love affair with the Analysis Amphitryons, which will likely be my speakers.

Another reason to take the Innamorata seriously is the involvement of Scott Frankland. Over many years Scott has been a talented and meticulous designer/engineer. Famous for designs such as the tubed Wavestream Kinetics power amplifiers Scott now wears numerous hats. He still designs proprietary preamplifiers and amplifiers, and is President and Chief Technical Officer of Bybee Labs, whose Music Rails are key to the sound of the Innamorata.

Last summer Jeff shipped me his demo Innamorata and came for a visit with me and a prospective Chicago retailer. I had four days to listen, and after that I ordered my own Innamorata and started planning this review. But health issues intervened, and only now, months later, can I finally tell you about this amazing amplifier....More