The review of the Akasha Stereo Amplifier from Wells Audio didn’t even last two weeks. It didn’t need to. I had heard enough; enough of everything a solid state amp is supposed to be to crown it the best of solid state amps I have used – by a mile! For that reason I terminated the review; that’s right, I cancelled the review. I called Jeff Wells and said, “That’s it, the review is over.” Alternatively, I am writing this article in its place, a more direct piece which will convey the same enthusiasm but take me less time to produce a full review.

Why on earth would I do that? After all, it is a violation of my review principles. I am not interested in quick, slapped together articles. I have in the past politely declined some fancy gear when manufacturers or distributors pushed me to have quick turnaround in my reviewing. But this is different. This time there is no need for extended listening, as the Akasha is so profoundly superior to other amps at three to six times its price that further examination is unnecessary. Frankly, just as with the King Sound King, and later the King III, I knew nearly immediately that it was a “mutant,” an absurdly superior device. The experience was the equivalent of reviewing upscale sedans the likes of Infiniti or Lexus, then being given a period of time with a Bentley. How long would it take to conclude that the comparison is superficial and an extended review unnecessary? In the same way, I didn’t feel like wasting time listening when I could be the first to introduce this amp to the world. ...More